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Chimney liners are crucial to the safe and effecient functioning of your homes chimney. Below is our typical stocked  stainless steel chimney liner kit with top plate, storm collar,  T- connector to the heating appliance and stainless steel chimney cap ( We STRONGLY advise using our full size chimney caps for your complete chimney protection!) . Our installation includes a workmanship warranty and a lifetime product warranty. A new stainless steel chimney  liner system , essentially a new chimney within your deteriorating chimney, will not only protect you and your family from harmful carbon monoxide it will increase the value of your home.

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We Don't settle for less than the best protection for our customers and you won't have to either!   We are proudly install  
Forever Flex™
 LINERS  that offer an approval code from our State of Massachusetts

  • Air and Water Tight -This seven ply seam locks moisture and flue gases in your customer’s chimney and keeps them from leaking into the home. 
  • Guards Against Corrosion - Forever Flex™ certified stainless steel liners protect against hostile acids which deteriorate masonry chimneys.  
  • What About Creosote? -Forever Flex liners do not allow creosote to leach though the liner, unlike masonry flues. This creosote can catch fire, and lead to a house fire. Thanks to Forever Flex, this harmful creosote is contained. 
  • Protection from Chimney Fires - Forever Flex is listed to contain chimney fires within the liner, which protects the home from house fires caused by severe chimney fires.  
  • Seals Off Carbon Monoxide - Forever Flex™ protects the structure of the home from moisture damage and the very real potential of carbon monoxide poisoning. 
  • UL listed and Tested - Full UL tested and listed to UL 1777 standard by Underwriter Laboratories, the most recognized and respected testing facility in the world.  
  • Forever Warranty - This is the best warranty in the world, transferable to the next homeowner. Making us and our customer feel good about their purchase with the true Forever Warranty
  • The Stainless Steel Liner System with a State of Massachusetts Approval Product Code Designation

All Liners are Stainless Steel Titanium Alloy UL Approved and come with a lifetime Warranty 

  AL-29-4C Stainless Steel Alloy is also available for high effeciency applications and is extremely corrosion resistant!

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What is a chimney liner? A flue lining in a masonry chimney is defined as "a clay, ceramic, or metal conduit installed inside of a chimney, intended to contain the combustion products, direct them to the outside atmosphere, and protect the chimney walls from heat and corrosion." Although building codes vary from one locality to another, the installation of flue lining has been recommended since the early part of this century, and indeed most fire codes now mandate liners. In the 1940's and again in the 1980's, masonry chimneys were tested by the National Bureau or Standards for durability due to rising concerns about their performance and safety. The tests revealed that unlined chimneys were so unsafe that researchers characterized building a chimney without a liner as "little less than criminal"

What function does a liner serve? Firstly, The liner protects the house from heat transfer to combustibles. In the NBS tests, unlined chimneys allowed heat to move through the chimney so rapidly that the adjacent woodwork caught fire in only 3 1/2 hours. Secondly Liners protect the masonry from the corrosive byproducts of combustion. In the tests it was determined that if the flue gases were allowed to penetrate to the brick and mortar, the result would be a reduction in the usable life of the chimney. The flue gases are acidic in nature and literally eat away at the mortar joints from inside the chimney. As the mortar joints erode, heat transfers more rapidly to the nearby combustibles and dangerous gases such as carbon monoxide can leak into the living areas of the home. Lastly Liners provide a correctly sized flue for optimum efficiency of appliances. Modern wood stoves and gas or oil furnaces require a correctly sized flue to perform properly. The chimney is responsible for not only allowing the products of combustion a passage out of the house, but the draft generated by the chimney also supplies the combustion air to the appliance. An incorrectly sized liner can lead to excessive creosote buildup in wood burning stoves, and the production of carbon monoxide with conventional fuels


Why should I choose a new Steel Liner System? -  New oil to gas conversion require a chimney liner. Older clay liner tiles can crack , break fall and block a flue , Yearly inspections maintenance or replacement are suggested, A Stainless steel titanium system has a lifetime warranty , clay tiles have a much much shorter lifecycle are vulnerable to frost thaw cycle and deteriorating of mortar joints between tiles , yearly inspections are recommended


How Much does a liner installation cost? Installation cost depends variables such as of length and width of material used to accomodate the BTU's from the appliance and length of the chimney, degree of difficulty to install ie, peak of roof and if the chimney is a straight shot or has offsets jags or turns . and amount of piping needed to tie into appliances.

My Boston  townhouse condo was built in the mid eighteen hundreds why would I need a liner now after all these years? Boston’s South End, Beacon Hill and Back Bay Chimneys were built years ago to accommodate the days fuel “ coal”  Today those same chimneys are now venting high moisture fuels such  oil and gas and that’s  eats away at the interior of the chimneys . In Fact most of the brick and brownstone row townhouses and their chimneys were built in the 1800’s  prior to any liners being put in as standard which means in many cases they don't have any kind of protective liners. In many of these chimneys there are no clay flu tiles or any kind of steel or even aluminum  liners.  Today's building code requires that all masonry chimneys be lined with fireclay flue liners or other approved material that won't crack or deteriorate. Our Stainless Steel Solutions fits that bill, They won’t corrode and are unlike clay flue  tiles that could eventually crack , and possibly fall and cause blockages The stainless steel liner solution insures there are also no mortar joint that could deteriorate and the steel liner can be retrofitted to most chimneys.

I am upgrading form Oil to Gas to I need to line my chimney? If you are upgrading from oil to Gas your gas vendor company will tell you a liner is mandatory to making that change.

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